About the Book

Drawing on the expertise of a diverse team of scholars and practitioners, this book examines a number of common leadership paradoxes and explores how they might be (re)considered as opportunities to be embraced, rather than as problems to be solved.

Leadership Paradoxes is a valuable resource for students of leadership at advanced undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-experience level, as well as professionals seeking to improve leadership practice in organisations.


Chapter 1 – Introduction (Richard Bolden, Morgen Witzel & Nigel Linacre)
Chapter 2 – The First Paradox of Leadership is – Leadership! (Morgen Witzel)
Chapter 3 – Paradoxes of Perspective: Leaders, leading and leadership (Richard Bolden)
Chapter 4 – Leadership Paradoxes of Team and Time (Nigel Linacre)
Chapter 5 – Paradoxical Truths in Heroic Leadership: Implications for leadership development and effectiveness (Scott Allison & Jennifer Cecilione)picture4
Chapter 6 – The Leader’s Conundrum: A paradox of distortion (John Lawler & Jeff Gold)
Chapter 7 – Leadership and the Paradoxes of Authenticity (Immaculada Adarves-Yorno)
Chapter 8 – The Paradox of Right and Wrong (Jennifer Board)
Chapter 9 – Conclusion (Richard Bolden, Morgen Witzel & Nigel Linacre)

 Published by R0utledge – March 2016



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